Waste Infrastructure

The world produces ever more waste. To protect natural resources, transforming the economy towards circularity—and ensuring an efficient infrastructure to do so—is critica

Aerial view of people in cars taking garbage to the waste recycling centre which is surrounded by green trees. Various containers with different rubbish. With Social Distancing.

We close the loop on waste

Ramboll offers a wide range of infrastructure-related resource and waste management services.
We support our clients’ efforts to achieve resource efficiency, material circularity, regulatory compliance, optimise resource flows, and ensure the safe handling, treatment and disposal of waste that cannot re-enter the material loop.
In this way, waste infrastructure – such as recycling stations and landfills – is central to conserving limited natural resources and ensuring a sustainable future.

Our range of services

  • Strategy and planning
  • Collection system design
  • Civic amenity centres
  • Landfill siting, permitting and environmental impact assessments
  • Waste minimization, resource recovery and recycling
  • Anaerobic digestion / biogas facilities
  • Advanced mechanical sorting facilities
  • Landfill engineering evaluation and design
  • Wastewater, groundwater and leachate collection, control and treatment systems
  • Passive and active landfill gas collection, control and treatment systems
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Construction and closure management
  • Carbon capture and Storage/Utilisation (CCS/CCU) solutions
Digesters in Lynetten project

What we offer

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    Recycling stations

    We advise clients plan, design, tender and supervise recycling and transfer stations. And we train staff at advanced resource recovery and waste treatment and disposal facilities.
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    Circular business models

    We support industries and businesses develop circular business models that preserve materials. In this way, we support clients in ‘greening’ their supply chain, which is fast becoming a differentiator in many industries.
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    We work with public and private sector clients on landfill projects – ranging from municipal solid waste landfills to industrial and hazardous waste landfills as well as radioactive materials. Using a risk-based approach, we tailor evaluations of existing landfills. This provides opportunities to extend the lifetime of assets, reduce costs and bring landfills into regulatory compliance.
  • Jesper Pedersen

    Country Market Director, REH Denmark

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  • Ferdinand Zotz

    Principal, Circular Economy and Resource Management

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