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More than 2 billion tonnes of waste are produced globally each year. Managing this resource professionally is a key pillar of the circular economy

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What we throw out says a lot about us

If we avoid waste, and recycle and recover what we can, we are one step closer to living in balance with nature. This is critical to solving some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time and for human health and liveability.

At Ramboll, we take a multi-disciplinary approach by combining knowledge of waste management practices in a broad range of economic sectors with expertise in sustainability, health sciences, engineering and technology.

This enables us to develop cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions that meet regulatory requirements and protect both human health and the environment.

: 13%

Globally, only about 13% of waste is recycled 

But the recycling rate is increasing due to improvements in waste management and as the understanding that waste is a resource moves into the mainstream.

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