Bioenergy offers a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. At Ramboll, we design and consult on bioenergy plants of all types, pushing energy efficiency to unprecedented heights.

Towards >100% efficiency with bioenergy

Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy derived from biomass such as wood chips or straw.
Although biomass is a limited resource, it ensures reliable, fuel-flexible, and dispatchable power production that balances the increasing intermittent renewable energy entering the system.
: 60+ plants
Ramboll is one of the most experienced bioenergy engineering consultancies in the world. Having worked on 60+ bioenergy plants, we specialise in delivering high efficiency rates, in some cases exceeding 100%.

Not just experts, but pioneers

In addition to developing multiple new biomass power and combined heat and power (CHP) plants, our experts were the first to pioneer solutions to convert coal plants to biomass.

What we offer

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    Ramboll designs and implements biomass-fuelled plants, from just 5MWe to over 500 MWe. These use fuels such as straw, wood chips, forest residues and waste wood. We also design and implement co-firing and 100% biomass conversion with boiler configurations up to +1000 MWth.
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    Biofuels and Bio-to-X

    Bio-to-X is used, for example, in biorefineries that produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel. We provide best practice advice and guidance throughout all phases of Bioto-X projects, from conceptual and feasibility studies to detailed engineering, FEED, commissioning and financial close.
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    Biogas is versatile and can be used to provide heat, electricity, or vehicle fuel. We advise our clients on biogas projects, with services in system analyses and compressor and facility design. We also develop gas networks for biomethane in places without prior suitable infrastructure.
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    Anaerobic digestion and organic waste

    We assist our clients in their anaerobic digestion projects throughout the entire project cycle: from the pre-study phase, preliminary design, permit applications and environmental impact assessments to final design, tendering, supervision, commissioning and performance tests.
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