Operations and Asset Management

Maximising value for asset owners and operators by optimising performance through increased reliability and availability, lowered operational costs and extended lifetime.

Market leader in engineering and consultancy services within operations and asset management

Effective asset management improves the reliability and availability of assets and extends the operational lifetime of facilities, which in turn lowers resource consumption and environmental impacts.
We are market-leading in asset management for roads, bridges and tunnels, carrying out all types of surveys and inventories in the field, as well as analyses.
In the real estate sector, we optimise property maintenance by using software solutions that combine data from different sources to identify and reduce inefficiencies.
Within renewables and the energy sector, such as Power-to-X, bioenergy and wind industries including infrastructure, Ramboll has decades-long experience supporting asset owners and operators in achieving safe, reliable and cost-effective operations.
We support our clients in managing the assets people rely on in their everyday lives — from the roads they drive on, the buildings in which they live, and the energy sources that keep the lights on.

Solving challenges across the asset lifecycle

Our asset management experts solve challenges for asset owners, asset managers and operators during all stages of an asset’s lifecycle, from early development to planning, engineering, transportation, installation, commissioning, warranty, operation, out of warranty, lifetime extension and end-of-life.
We develop lifecycle plans for operational readiness, ensuring clients have the right materials, information and competences from the outset, including an overview of the project’s main risk implications, as well as control mechanisms for all services that can be outsourced.
For existing assets, we provide surveys and inventories, rehabilitation and maintenance planning. We perform all necessary assessments, while working in accordance with local geographic and climatic conditions. The aim is to ensure efficient operations with the highest level of operational assurance.
We look at assets through a strategic sustainability lens, providing clients with sustainability strategies and carbon roadmaps, and help set science-based targets for their asset portfolio.
Using smart software to monitor the details of how their assets operate in real life – and in real time – we help clients minimise maintenance cost, disruptions, and lower CO2 emissions.
Core digital tools for operations and asset management
These tools help provide a complete and real time picture of the condition of the asset, helping inform decisions that extend lifetime, lower cost, and improve performance:
Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
LCCA provides an in-depth review of how construction and design choices affect costs throughout the life of an asset. Ramboll offers LCCA analysis for all types of assets, identifying cost drivers and risks.
Monitoring and management systems
Ramboll has developed IT systems to monitor and report maintenance activities dynamically on the web. These systems provide a channel for all parties involved in asset management to plan, evaluate, and follow progress of planned and ongoing works. Our Asset Management services rely on several tools and technical methods such as RST, SMART, Airpave and Web services.
Ramboll Intelligent Asset Management System and True Digital Twin
Ramboll applies years of sector expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving when building the digital model of the physical asset and analysing data. Combining data analytics and sector-specific knowledge, we deliver operational insights that help clients make informed decisions on maximising the performance of assets.
Reliability-centred maintenance
In today’s fast-paced business landscape, downtime is simply not an option. Ramboll’s RCM tool offers a comprehensive analysis platform that empowers our client’s O&M organisation to optimise maintenance strategies, minimise disruptions, and maximise operational efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, it allows asset owners to proactively identify potential equipment failures, prioritise maintenance tasks, and extend the lifespan of critical assets.
Reliability, availability & maintainability
To enable our clients to maximise production availability and reduce costs, a reliability, availability & maintainability analysis typically involves an analysis of a base case configuration of the system and several alternative configurations. Production availability is calculated by means of combining the availability figures for critical components with a model of system dependencies. Component availability is a function of the failure rate of components, repair time, waiting time for spares and manpower, and time to regain nominal production. Also, the unavailability due to planned maintenance is typically included.
Intelligent documentation
To enhance user-friendliness, save time and increase safety, Ramboll has developed intelligent drawings, which provide the user with immediate access to specifications. Simply by clicking the tag or line number on a pdf drawing, the program retrieves the specifications from the client databases. This easy-to-use solution saves time and enhances the safety in operations by reducing the sources of error. Ramboll can tailor this solution to any client database adapting it to specific client needs.
Non-destructive testing (NDT)
Ramboll uses NDT on site to acquire detailed knowledge about a structure. We screen large areas and quickly learn about the condition and remaining bearing capacity of the structure in its natural element. NDT is a powerful tool used for quality assurance of asphalt, concrete, natural stones, steel, and other materials.

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