Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Offering 360-degree solutions to future-proof water and wastewater infrastructure—essential for sustainable community and economic development.

people biking across water canals in Ørestad below buildings

Supplying sustainable water and wastewater system solutions

Most of the world has old or inadequate drinking water networks and sewage systems—causing major social and environmental concerns. We provide a comprehensive overview of sewage systems and plan cost-effective renovation projects.
Increasing frequency of intense rainfall adds additional pressure on water and wastewater networks. So we help model and quantify the effects and financial consequences of climate change effects, as well as find solutions to proactively respond to those changes.

Ensuring safe and clean water distribution

We offer solutions to establish, recover, or optimise water and wastewater infrastructure. Helping utilities, municipalities, and industry stakeholders, we ensure safe and clean water distribution and supply, avoid sewage leaks and overflows, optimise water systems, and prepare for increased stormwater frequency.
With experts around the world, we offer a global outlook with local knowledge.
Digesters in Lynetten project site inspection

What we offer

  • :

    Urban Planning

    • Urban water landscape
    • Water supply planning
    • Wastewater management and strategic planning
  • :

    Design and modelling

    • 1D and 2D network modelling, such as Mike Urban, Mike 11, Mike 21, EPANET and Aquis
    • Conceptual design
    • Detailed design
  • :

    Management and contracting

    • Asset management
    • CCTV sewer inspection reviews and renewal planning
    • Tendering, FIDIC contracting
    • Construction supervision
  • :

    GIS based tools

    • GIS-based tools for pipeline registration, leakage registration, rehabilitation of pipelines, and input for water supply planning
  • Sector coupling and the smart energy system

  • Christian Nyerup Nielsen

    Global Division Director

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  • Kai Vakkila

    Director for Water, Finland

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