Society and social value

We help companies strengthen the social aspects of sustainability - supporting the creation of social value and cohesion, liveable places and inclusive societies, whilst also enabling a just transition.

Adding social and organisational value

For society to grow sustainably, public sector investments must deliver the highest possible impact. That is why public sector executives and a growing number of their peers in large corporations turn to Ramboll for factual insights and strategic guidance. They know that the best solutions are often co-created across sectors and with a view to harvesting cross-cutting benefits.

At Ramboll, we have a versatile global community of consultants, planners, architects, and engineers passionate about the communities around them and dedicated to finding novel solutions that add social and organisational value.

Our clients for society and social value services include ministries, government agencies, regions and municipalities, private and public foundations, as well as multinational corporations and institutions like the EU Commission, the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

By prioritising socially inclusive growth and just transition, public and private organisations can strengthen social cohesion, and nurture stakeholder collaboration. This can foster inclusive workplaces, liveable urban areas, increased innovation and improved operational efficiencies. It also helps reduce risks to reputation, supply chains, and compliance.


As the partner for sustainable change, Ramboll helps organisations play an active role in realising social value and resilient societies. By deploying a holistic approach, we solve our client’s interconnected challenges.

Long-recognised as a leading advisor

We provide up-front knowledge about feasibility and the potential of proposed policy whilst also assisting in adapting and designing to ensure long-term impact.

Building on strong methodological expertise within baselining, needs assessments, business and economic impact assessment, we add specialist services such as human rights, responsible business conduct, diversity and inclusion, and just transition support.

Long-recognised as a leading technical advisor to cities and municipalities, Ramboll increasingly uses principles of human-centered design and behavioral insights to ensure no-one is left behind in the transition to a more sustainable future.

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