Urban & Coastal Climate Adaptation

Protecting people, nature, and infrastructure against heavy rainfall and storm-surges to increase safety, sustainability, and liveability.

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Creating resilient cities and coasts

The world faces flood risks due to increased frequency of storm-surges, rainfall, and urbanisation. Flooding is among the leading climatic threats to human life worldwide, and can even reverse years of progress in poverty reduction.
Ramboll assists public departments and urban developers by providing innovative insights and solutions that reduce the risk of flooding and increase liveability. We help address risks by designing and implementing all-inclusive solutions that serve multiple purposes, like increasing recreational opportunities, improving social cohesion, and protecting biodiversity.

RECONECT programme

Through our global projects and contribution to the European Commission’s RECONECT Programme, we are leaders within flood-risk reduction and nature-based solutions.

Global experts with integrated approach

Climate adaption requires sustainable solutions based on an evaluation of flood risks and costs. Our global climate adaptation consultants include engineering specialists, hydrologists, landscape architects, urban planners, and more. We provide evaluations and adaptive measures in coastal zone management, river basin management, water supply, and storm- and wastewater management, to name a few.
Our solutions are based on local natural, technical, and societal conditions. Our integrated approach connects challenges and possible solutions to urban planning, so cities and their coasts can be more resilient and liveable.

What we offer

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    Combining grey and blue/green infrastructure
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    Creating liveable and resilient shorelines
  • :
    Planning and designing for climate risks, resilience, and climate justice
  • :
    Implementing nature-based solutions
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    Establishing early warning systems
  • :
    Employing AI for large scale inland, groundwater and coastal flood management
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