Architecture, landscape and urbanism

As our cities and populations grow, designing for regenerative systems, decarbonization, healthy living, and resiliency within the urban realm is more crucial than ever.

Working across architecture, landscape, urbanism, interior, graphic and lighting design, Henning Larsen challenges conventional practices to co-create, innovate, and cultivate desirable futures through design.
Our design approach is born out of a process that challenges preconceived notions of the built environment and pushes the boundaries of what it can offer.
A lasting positive impact on communities
Working at the nexus of creativity and experimentation, we positively impact communities and their environments. Our team of architects, urban designers, landscape architects, thought leaders, strategists, natural scientists, and researchers, are at the forefront of new technologies which produce world-class design, creating places and spaces that shape the conditions for all species to thrive.
Henning Larsen became part of Ramboll in 2019 in a joint ambition to pioneer tomorrow's sustainable design solutions.

About Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen is an international studio for architecture, landscape, and urbanism. They work at the nexus of creativity and experimentation, looking always to the lasting impact on communities and their environments.
Henning Larsen became part of Ramboll in 2019. The two companies' existing design-led disciplines were successfully combined in 2021 into a new business unit, Architecture & Landscape, whose services are now delivered under the Henning Larsen brand.
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It all begins with curiosity

Architecture today is not limited to designing and building – it encompasses a far-extended scope in which creativity, research, technology, and knowledge are fundamental to delivering excellent design that creates impact. By taking a co-creation approach from the beginning of the design process, we continually advance the quality of our designs, from the early phase through to project completion, where we measure the effects and impact.

Delivering on dreams

People’s dreams –how they want to live their lives, how they pursue inspiration and education, and how they work – are constantly changing and evolving. These changes can be captured, fostered, and kickstarted by the environments in which they live, work, and play. Our goal is to design, transform and create vital spaces where the unexpected can occur.
Our landscape architecture is grounded in experience, knowledge, extensive climate research, and the precise use of data. We combine artistic playfulness with water and biophilic design solutions to create unique experiences with nature.
Through close collaboration with biologists, water specialists, ecologists, engineers, community members, and our clients, we embrace a radically inclusive approach to designing with water and nature, one that considers all the visible and invisible dimensions of a habitat.

The essentials

Our expertise focuses on experiences, connectivity to nature, water, biodiversity and ecosystems. This is at the core of everything we do, fundamentally shaping our designs.
The success of communities lies in the careful balance of humans and nature, the transition towards sustainable urbanism, and the creation of generous equitable societies that facilitate interaction.
Realizing natural cities by giving nature an equal place in our communities, with provision for people and new forms of mobility, is the future. To achieve that we:
  • Create and revive neighborhoods by restoring polluted areas and revitalizing urban spaces.
  • Maximize the potential of spaces through intelligent data-driven scenario planning to design buffers against the consequences of climate change.
  • Analyse large-scale factors that affect urban districts, from infrastructure to microbial impact, to create impactful solutions for cities.

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