There are more than 64 million kilometres of roads and highways on the planet – reaching around the globe more than 1,600 times. Ramboll specialises in designing and maintaining this vital infrastructure,with a focus on sustainability and solutions.

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Safe and sustainable roads

Modern society depends on a well-functioning traffic and transportation system. With expertise in transport planning, design, and asset support services, we support clients to build, expand, reconstruct, and maintain roads and motorways across the world. Our skills in detailed design, construction, and construction management are at the forefront when we work with contractors.

Halving CO2 impact


We apply a holistic understanding of sustainability which includes assessing natural, social, human and economic impacts. Through our solutions, we strive to minimise adverse impact and bring tangible benefits to neighbouring local communities. Ramboll partnered with the Swedish Transport Administration to rebuild a road aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 50%during road plan implementation, tendering and production.

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Explore our featured services

  • Engineering and design

    Creating a more sustainable future through engineering and design excellence for our clients.

  • Health, safety and risk

    Combining scientific, design and technical expertise with global reach and experience, we deliver pragmatic and sustainable solutions that are protective of human health and safety.

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  • Operations and Asset Management

    Creating value for asset owners and operators by maximising performance, extending lifetime, and lowering operational costs.

What we offer

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    A sustainable outlook

    We collaborate with public authorities, supporting them to identify locations and cost-effective solutions with the least adverse effect on the local environment, biodiversity and resource use.

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    Simulation and big data

    We combine expertise in road operation and maintenance with advanced testing methods and big data analysis to offer complete solutions for road asset management.

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