Education and Science

Education and science institutions should accommodate an incredible diversity of complex activities as well as provide collaborative environments where scientific teaching, learning and research can flourish.

Nexus building on the University of Leeds campus enables businesses from all sectors to connect with the expertise, talent and facilities at the University of Leeds. Working together to accelerate and de-risk innovation and maximise commercial returns.
Our commitment is to give our clients high quality, sustainable, and flexible buildings that are safe to operate, economic to adapt and maintain, and a pleasure to occupy.
Our dedicated team of building design specialists is passionate about creating best-in-class science facilities. Our extensive experience includes research institutes and pharma facilities. We focus on realising high quality facilities, healthy and safe work environments, energy efficiency, and operational reliability. Our comprehensive and seamless consultancy service covers pre-planning, through to design, construction and commissioning, as well as permitting and operation.
We are equally adept with pre-school, school, higher education, and university clients, tailoring our approach and expertise to suit the needs of each. Our designs reflect client demands for future-proofed flexible learning environments that promote collaboration and social interaction.
In all our projects, we invest considerable effort in the briefing and conceptual design stages to ensure that we fully understand the needs and are equipped to provide the most optimal solutions. Our briefing approach encompasses active stakeholder engagement to ascertain what will work best for future occupants.
We are industry leaders in sustainable building design. Our Sustainability Dialogue Tool helps our clients navigate and define project-specific sustainability targets and actions. We combine in-depth technical insights with digital analytical tools to design buildings that minimise energy consumption and embodied carbon.

What we do

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    We advocate a co-creative and interactive design process where stakeholders can help shape the design of their new facility. Our structured engagement process includes design workshops, interviews, reference visits, end-stage reviews and mock-ups. We also recognise that our role is to tap into stakeholders’ expertise, but also challenge pre-conceptions where this reduces opportunities for innovation and optimisation.
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    We employ a data-driven approach and use parametric tools to generate and analyse thousands of design iterations including carbon analysis. We fine-tune options in collaboration with our clients to determine the best solution, thereby de-risking the design process. Our in-house coders develop bespoke tools that automate and analyse elements of the design process, allowing us to push innovative ideas harder and faster.
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    We use our commercial acumen and collate benchmark data to inform client decision-making on design, cost, and programme. Data includes laboratory grid studies, material studies, embodied and operational carbon impacts, bringing efficiency and avoiding for re-invention. We use cost metrics from across our projects and balance design ambition with affordability to ensure best value for our clients.
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    We work to a comprehensive ISO 9001-certified project methodology that incorporates a suite of easy-to-use design management and delivery tools. Our project processes have rigorous controls and risk measures so that our output is consistently high quality. We have a team of in-house project managers to smoothly co-ordinate projects and keep our design teams efficient and focused. Our methodology is scalable to suit all sizes of project, and customisable to suit client processes and governance.
  • Søren Brøndum

    Managing Director, Ramboll Buildings

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