Bridges and tunnels

Bridges and tunnels bind cities, regions  and nations together. With decades of experience, Ramboll ensures these demanding projects are delivered on time and without costly surprises.

Built on strong foundations

We work closely with our clients to understand and meet their individual needs. We provide public authorities and contractors with expertise from early-stage concept and feasibility studies to detailed design, through to operation and maintenance. Our services comprise all the design, engineering, environmental, sustainability, and project and cost management skills needed for any type of major crossing.
We are experienced in bringing together large teams of internal and external specialists to deliver world class solutions. Our integrated multidisciplinary approach is combined with a passion for innovative design to provide clients with inspiring, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

From projects to record-breaking landmarks

We are a key partner to the Fehmarnbelt Link, which is set to become the longest combined road and rail immersed tunnel in the world. In addition, we have Queensferry crossing which holds the record as UK’s tallest bridge and the world’s longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge.

What we offer

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    Life Cycle Assessment

    We apply a holistic sustainability perspective to all our major projects using established frameworks like CEEQUAL to assess the social, economic, and environmental impact on the local community. Our infrastructure designs are continuously accessed from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)perspective to identify the most carbon efficient design.
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    Ramboll has the in-house skills to design and provide services for immersed, cut and cover and bored tunnels. As examples, we specialise in the design of immersed tunnels and their construction interfaces, international constructability advice (CA) for major tunnel projects, segmental lining design for bored tunnels, and damage risk assessments for structures in urban areas.
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    Ramboll has partnered with clients to deliver hundreds of bridge projects throughout the world. Our comprehensive service covers all typeof bridges from road to railway and pedestrian crossings. We offer a comprehensive service covering all bridge types and sizes.
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