Commercial & Retail

Retailers are adapting to a new commercial environment and evolving customer needs. Competition remains fierce and more than ever a new set of services, experiences, and business models are required.

The success of commercial and retail buildings is based on functionality, attractiveness, and accessibility. We provide qualified expertise at all stages with vision formulation, feasibility studies, and sustainable construction.
We understand the commercial and retail industry. It demands a passion for design together with an aesthetic focus to deliver creative, fresh, and personal solutions whilst ensuring commercial success.
Our multidisciplinary consultancy services for the sector are built on a wealth of international experience. We assemble teams to provide the exact mix of skills needed for each project, combining relevant construction experience with informed analysis and design expertise.
Our specialist retail team are acknowledged as market leaders and will deliver efficient and elegant solutions that are essential in creating your shopping destination.
We add value to every kind of commercial and retail development; from city centre schemes incorporating residential and leisure facilities to bespoke, brand-focused fit outs.
We believe that a consistent approach to quality is essential, and we listen carefully to our clients and their customers to ensure we cater for their needs and develop the best solutions.
We deliver on your sustainable and social values through careful planning and execution. Today’s retail experience attracts different people and fulfils different needs. Their attraction is a result of achieving the right mix of shops, food & beverage outlets, cultural venues etc. and ensuring alignment with the wider urban context.

what we do

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    We work with our clients to develop their initial vision into a high-quality functional building with limited impact on the surrounding environment. In the last 60 years, we have been proud to be associated with some of the most visionary, sustainable, and award-winning buildings that support a unique user experience and become valuable and acclaimed assets.
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    By applying digital design techniques, we take our clients and their projects further and faster whilst navigating the field of sustainability in the built environment. We employ advanced audience-flow simulations to maximise safety and rapid digital prototyping allows us to undertake early engineering analysis to identify cost, carbon footprint, and buildability opportunities and options.
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    Our multi-disciplinary teams work closely with their project teams to design inspiring spaces that deliver the best in functionality, lighting, acoustics, quality, and comfort.
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    Ramboll remains at the forefront of offsite construction techniques and continues to drive new technical advances. It’s not unusual for modular designed buildings to take significantly less time to construct than those using conventional techniques. Our specialist engineers create modular structures that are adaptable.
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    The construction industry is one of the main contributors to climate change and the consumption of resources. By extending the life of existing buildings, we can save up to 70% more embodied carbon than building new, and the sensitive retrofit of façade and MEP systems allows us to meet increasingly stringent operational energy targets.
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    We are dedicated to taking a leading role in sharing best practices and creating value for clients by delivering solutions that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.
  • Søren Brøndum

    Managing Director, Ramboll Buildings

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