How Ying is closing the gap

“Real change happens when we work together”

Discover how Ying Zhu leverages her role as director of circular economy at Ramboll to foster a sustainable, circular economy through collaboration with key decision-makers

Ying is a strong advocate for the circular economy concept, an economic system that aims to eliminate waste and promote the continual use of resources through regenerative design and practices like reuse, repair, and recycling. “The moment I became aware of the principles of the circular economy, I was convinced of its potential and knew that I wanted to make it a part of my career”, she declares. She promotes the advantages of circular practices and assists organisations in adopting a more sustainable, circular economic model.

The transition to a circular economy is becoming increasingly critical as the world faces global challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and waste management. Ying aims to drive economic growth while reducing reliance on finite natural resources, and collaborating with legislators to change laws that can incentivize sustainable practices, promote resource efficiency, and reduce waste. She believes that to drive society forward environmental activism must encompass economically feasible sustainable solutions. “That’s where circular economy comes in, as it brings the business aspect into the equation”, she explains.

“For society to move forward, everyone must benefit, not just one group”

Ying Zhu
Director of Circular Economy

Ying is motivated by the belief that progress can only be achieved by creating win-win situations. “For society to move forward, everyone must benefit, not just one group”, she says. She recognises the complexities of this task, as decisions must be made by the government, industries, and NGOs, who often have conflicting interests. “Real change happens when we work together to create win-win solutions for the benefit of all”.

“Ramboll gives me a seat at the table to help create a society that is good for nature while delivering economic benefits”

Ying Zhu
Director of Circular Economy

Working at Ramboll enables Ying to make a significant impact. “Ramboll is an organisation with a strong tradition of sustainability”, she says, allowing her to work at a level where high-impact decisions are made. “It gives me a seat at the table to help create a society that is good for nature while delivering economic benefits”.

Ying believes that focusing on tangible outcomes and not just creating a buzz is what makes working at Ramboll so valuable. “I wouldn’t be able to make such an impact without the opportunity to work on diverse and impactful projects”, says Ying. “It’s an honour to collaborate with key decision-makers like government ministers, investors, and CEOs, as they have the power to shape society and being a part of that change gives me a sense of purpose”.

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