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Geospatial intelligence for sustainable land management and biodiversity restoration

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Nature is being threatened by habitat loss, global heating, and toxic pollution. Meanwhile, biodiversity ambitions and regulations are increasing.

Where to start?

Having the right data and expertise is the first step towards making informed decisions about regulations and your sustainability strategy. Luckily, new technologies like drones, satellites, and AI can help any land use project meet sustainability goals.

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Combining remote sensing (drones, satellites) with machine learning (ML/AI) provides a cost-effective, efficient and robust method for biodiversity measurement, uplift and preservation.

Make land management decisions with confidence


Get real-time situational analysis to reduce operating costs associated with site management and biodiversity loss. Harness our end-to-end solutions for better decision making and increase certainty with customised data. Such insights can help you can meet all mandatory reporting and regulation standards too.

RFI brand photoshoot in Espoo, Finland. Environmental Specialist walking in outdoor clothing in a forest with an iPad in Nuuksio National Park, Finland.

Mitigate ecological, financial, reputational, and regulatory risks


Greater transparency is being demanded of landowners and developers to outline their risks, dependencies, and impacts on the natural environment. It’s time to identify and manage risks associated with changes to sites and biodiversity restoration before they become issues.

Protect your investment and natural assets


Managing natural assets is key to sustainable development. We are all responsible to restore the imbalance between nature and human activity. Restore your site and habitats with innovative data-driven decisions and predictive analytics. Get clear and actionable recommendations for how to improve biodiversity impacts and meet targets.

Managing natural assets is key to sustainable development. We are all responsible to restore the imbalance between nature and human activity. Galago helps landowners reach their goals.

The best time to start sustainably managing your land was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

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Case studies

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  • Digitising the US Army Corps of Engineers

    Ramboll supported the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) implement a digital database integration (DDI) platform and systems enabling real-time data collection, modelling, and reporting to enhance environmental remediation efforts at the Chambers Works site in Deepwater, New Jersey. The DDI platform reduces project costs and downtime, increases safety and accuracy in data collection, and enables increased performance despite the challenging and complex site conditions. 

  • Identifying invasive species in New York

    In collaboration with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), Ramboll’s Galago team developed a pilot-scale methodology for monitoring large tracts of land for giant hogweed, an invasive plant harmful to both human and ecosystem health. Galago collected high-resolution imagery using a small, unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) or drone across approximately 1,100 acres near Hemlock-Canadice State Forest in Springwater, New York.  

    RFI brand photoshoot in Espoo, Finland. Environmental specialist taking a picture of forest vegetation in Nuuksio National Park, Finland.
  • National Highways - Intelligent Environmental Estate

    National Highways (formally Highways England) is the government agency responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving England’s strategic road network. The organisation aspires to an intelligent, digitally enabled network that operates harmoniously with the surrounding environment, harnessing data, technology, and connectivity to optimise their activities.  


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Webinar series: AI for Biodiversity


How AI is transforming Biodiversity measurement and monitoring

July 18, 2023

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