Energy Infrastructure

Solar and wind turbines are symbols of the green transition. But while the energy grid and infrastructure are often more overlooked, they are just as vital to decarbonise societies.

The energy grid sets the pace of the green transition

As energy demand rises, so does the strain on energy infrastructure.

To ensure consumers and businesses have reliable access to renewable energy, ambitious investments in the grid are needed in the coming years and decades.

The ongoing market transition towards renewable energy will require intelligent, holistic solutions, implemented at all levels from production all the way to the consumer.

That’s what we do at Ramboll – throughout the entire project life cycle.

: 125 Experts

Ramboll has 125 power transmission experts who provide consulting services independent of suppliers. They design power lines and towers with a minimal impact on the landscape and local communities.

Full service provider


Explore our featured services

  • Engineering and design

    Creating a more sustainable future through engineering and design excellence for our clients.

  • Sustainability consulting and ESG

    Sustainability consulting, ESG advisory and change support that help clients decarbonise and gain competitive advantages from the transformation to a low carbon economy.

  • Operations and Asset Management

    Creating value for asset owners and operators by maximising performance, extending lifetime, and lowering operational costs.

What we offer

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    Power transmission and distribution

    Renewable energy from solar and wind is intermittent, which puts high demands on the energy grid. At Ramboll, we develop competitive solutions to future proof energy this vital energy infrastructure. 

    Our services include High Voltage (HV) equipment design, HV overhead lines and substation automation in addition to offshore platform design and onshore constructions.

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    Electrification is key to decarbonise both the energy sector and wider society, which Ramboll supports through consultancy and design services. 

    We have in depth experience within conceptual design and layout, lifetime extension and evaluation as well as operation and maintenance services, and we develop strategies and technical and financial models for new facilities and modernisations of existing ones.

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    Pipeline systems

    Biogas, hydrogen and electrofuels will in future increasingly replace fossil fuels. But like fossil fuels, they will likely continue to be transported by pipelines. 

    With more than 40 years of experience in pipeline systems, we offer services across all project lifecycle phases: from financial studies and impact assessments to construction management, fitness for reassessments and lifetime extensions.

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    Energy storage

    Ramboll’s expertise in energy infrastructure includes a vast range of energy storage technologies, such as heat storage tanks and pits, cold storage tanks, natural gas storage, compressed air in caverns, electric batteries, frequency stabilisation, hydro power and pump stores, and steam storage tanks. 

    We also apply our expertise to new types of storage like hydrogen storage in salt caverns.

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