Water resources management

Helping meet increased water demands around the world for communities, industries, and irrigation.

Never let your well run dry
Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of both droughts and floods, which effects the quantity and quality of groundwater and surface water resources. Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right and key to community health.
To support authorities assess local and international water resources for decision-making, our integrated approaches ensure the management, development, and utilisation of resources meet socioeconomic, environmental, and multi-sectoral water demands.

Sustainable water consumption

From Denmark to California, we have extensive experience within groundwater mapping and analysis. Our competences include geophysical surveys, 3D geological modelling, groundwater modelling, and well field exploration strategies. We carry out water reuse studies to improve overall water consumption and safety.
We support utilities and authorities manage surface water and river catchment areas to ensure a sustainable drinking water resource. To promote sustainable water consumption, as well as reduce water pollution, we take a holistic approach. Our integrated water resource expertise enables us to help clients with new challenges posed by the European Water Framework Directive and more.

What we offer

  • :

    Design and modelling

    • Layout and detailed design
    • Evaluation and design of biological, chemical, and physical processes
    • Well field optimisation and 3D groundwater modelling
    • Hydraulic modelling
  • :


    • Geophysical investigation, such as AEM, DualEM and TTEM
    • Water resource identification
    • Water quality and water chemistry
  • :

    Planning and management

    • Groundwater and surface water management
    • Surface water intake management
    • Water supply management and strategic planning
    • Emergency planning
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    Tools and systems

    • GIS and web-based solutions
    • Accounting system for utilities
    • Asset management
    • Setting district metering areas
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    Process and maintenance

    • Water supply treatment processes
    • Reusing of rainwater water sources
    • Water footprint and stewardship
    • Support to operation and maintenance
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