Expert solutions to PFAS challenges

For more than two decades, Ramboll has helped clients around the world resolve their most critical PFAS issues

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Providing expert solutions to PFAS challenges for more than 20 years

Why Ramboll?

  • Global network of experts with local knowledge of the rapidly evolving PFAS scientific, regulatory, and treatment landscape
  • Proven 20-year history of thought leadership on reducing PFAS risks and liabilities
  • Extensive practical experience, along with insight into evolving PFAS regulations and emerging technical topics
  • Innovative, industry-leading forensic approaches to characterizing PFAS sources
  • Unique combination of expertise in PFAS chemistry, health effects, and engineering

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Our services

  • Site investigation and remediation

    Ramboll has designed and implemented PFAS investigation and remediation at sites across the world. 

  • Health sciences and risk assessment

    Ramboll health scientists have assisted clients by assessing potential human health and environmental risks associated with exposures to PFAS. We have evaluated toxicological, epidemiological and pharmacokinetic aspects of PFAS.

  • Forensic analysis

    Ramboll has extensive experience using forensic analysis to assist clients in identifying the relative contributions of various potential sources to PFAS detected in the environment as a key element in liability assessments, apportionment, and allocation of costs and liabilities.

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  • Due diligence and compliance

    Current environmental site assessment standards do not explicitly address PFAS and many regulatory jurisdictions either do not have PFAS regulations or are early in the process of developing them.

  • Air emissions, transport and transformation

    Ramboll assists clients in characterizing and controlling PFAS emissions to air and in evaluating PFAS transport and transformation in the environment.

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  • Product safety and stewardship

    By combining our health science expertise and experience with the increasingly complex PFAS regulatory landscape, Ramboll has assisted clients around the world in developing, implementing, and monitoring PFAS product safety and stewardship programs.

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  • Water and wastewater treatment

    Ramboll takes a holistic approach to understanding and reducing PFAS discharges--from planning, permitting and treatability evaluations, to engineering and treatment plant construction, and operations and maintenance. 

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  • Expert services and litigation support

    Ramboll’s senior staff are called upon to participate in expert and peer review panels convened by scientific organizations and regulatory agencies, reflecting our reputation as thought leaders over a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines.  This expertise is also recognized by clients involved in environmental litigation, including PFAS-related disputes. 

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    Global Division Director - Health Sciences

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  • Annette Nolan

    Principal – Site Solutions/PFAS Subject Matter Expert

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