Health sciences and risk assessment

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Ramboll health scientists have assisted clients by assessing potential human health and environmental risks associated with exposures to PFAS. We have evaluated toxicological, epidemiological and pharmacokinetic aspects of PFAS, including:
  • Developing benchmarks for PFAS exposures from available toxicological and pharmacological data
  • Evaluating PFAS exposure realized through ingestion, inhalation and dermal routes
  • Evaluating underlying studies and scientific rationales used by regulatory agencies to establish PFAS criteria
  • Quantifying potential exposures to PFAS from consumer products, drinking water, food, air and other environmental media and evaluating the relationship between exposure and levels in blood
  • Determining community-scale exposures to potential PFAS sources
  • Monitoring worker health and safety
  • Developing health-protective thresholds for PFAS where no regulatory standards have been promulgated or are not based on the most recent scientific information