Digital twin

Digital twins reduce operating costs, increase workforce safety, and can even increase the sustainability of assets.

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Using digital tools to improve real-world performance

Digital twins are a virtual replica of a physical asset or system that can be used to simulate, analyse, and optimise its real-world performance.
Our extensive experience in creating digital twins for wind turbines, offshore structures, bridges, roads, telecommunication networks, and water systems has shown us the potential for this technology to drive innovation and optimise the transition between planning, design, construction, and operation.
In this way, digital twins are more than just a digital representation of reality. By incorporating real-world data into our digital twins, we can ensure that our models are constantly evolving to accurately reflect real conditions and can contribute with invaluable data for scenario analysis and forecasts.
This feedback mechanism between the virtual world and the physical asset it represents allows digital twins to influence and optimise the actual performance of the structure or asset – challenging current practice in a scheduled-based asset management environment.
This allows us to make informed decisions and predictions about the behaviour of our client’s assets and systems, leading to improved efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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