Asset management

Ramboll supports clients manage the assets people rely on every day – the roads they use to get to work, the buildings they live and work in and the wind turbines that keep the lights on.

View of Bohrs Tower and Carlsberg station with train and train tracks

Reducing costs and extending the life of assets

Our asset management experts solve challenges for asset owners, asset managers and operators during all lifecycle stages – from early development to planning, engineering, transport, installation, commissioning, warranty, out of warranty and end-of-life.
We combine global knowledge and local presence with years of domain know-how from the transport, energy, water and buildings sectors.
Using proprietary software, Ramboll monitors and reports on maintenance activities to support advanced asset management activities such as predictive maintenance and condition-based maintenance. Our solutions keep buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, and other civil works in optimal condition.
We are market leaders in monitoring offshore wind structures. With our true digital twin, we can monitor the performance of offshore structures and update it with real-time information about the loads affecting the structure. In this way, we lower the costs of operation and maintenance and provide opportunities to extend the lifetime of assets.

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  • Richard Beard

    Managing Director, Ramboll Transport

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