Let’s close the gap on resilient cities

By re-thinking conditions for life in our cities, we can create liveable and resilient communities. Let’s co-create societies where people and nature flourish.

Enabling conditions for life to thrive

The world faces increased urbanisation and population rates. At the same time, most cities are unprepared for the consequences of climate change. By re-thinking conditions and actively designing for life to thrive, we can create resilient and liveable communities.
To close the gap, we must adapt our cities to climate change, managing floods, droughts and heat waves. We must drive more sustainable mobility and enhance social cohesion, creating communities that are inclusive and caring. Let’s co-create liveable and resilient societies.
: $7 trillion
in economic benefits can be delivered globally by 2030 by adapting to climate change (GCA, 2019)

Liveability challenges

  • : 4 in 5
    cities worldwide are currently at risk from extreme weather (CDP, 2022)
  • : 40%
    higher risk of depression is what people living in cities face compared to rural populations (UD/MH, 2010)
  • : 100 million
    people could be forced into extreme poverty by 2030 without equitable climate strategies (WBG, 2016)

How can nature based solutions safeguard cities against flooding and heatwaves?

How can we ensure society develops in a way that is fair, inclusive and socially cohesive?

A holistic approach to closing the gap

Overhead aerial view of containers full of different recycled waste materials
Frog behind leaf looking through the gap

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