Green hydrogen and Power-to-X

Green hydrogen and Power-to-X  are vital for decarbonising the production and consumption of energy. The potential market is enormous, with global demand for green hydrogen demand expected to reach 530 megatonnes by 2050.

Full spectrum of energy solutions

To meet global climate targets and transition to a low-carbon economy, we must scale technologies in hard-to-decarbonise sectors like shipping and industry.
As one of those technologies, green hydrogen is estimated to supply up to 24% of global energy demand by 2050. But for that to happen, greater certainty is needed in energy policy, improved economic incentives, economies of scale, and clarity on the complexities of integrating these technologies.
What is clear is the commercial potential and ability of green hydrogen and Power-toX to decarbonise critical sectors of the economy such as heavy-duty transportation, shipping, aviation, and energy-intensive industries like chemicals, concrete and steel.
: 130 projects
Our unparalleled experience from over 130 green hydrogen and Powerto-X projects since 2020 ensures we develop and deliver solutions with confidence for our clients.

We bring excellence in the integration of complex systems and can care for the entire solution.

Anders Nimgaard Schultz
Director, Power-to-X and Gas Infrastructure

Breaking new ground in green energy

At the forefront of the green energy transition, and as a leader in Power-to-X, Ramboll has the skills, experience, and commitment to help clients achieve economic and technical security, and to explore solutions with confidence. We consult on some of Europes largest Power-to-X facilities, on innovative hydrogen storage, on large scale carbon capture solutions, and on the worlds first artificial energy island.

Supporting the whole value chain, from investors to developers

The switch to green hydrogen, electrofuels and Power-to-X technologies is underway and will dominate from 2030 and onwards. We are supporting governments, energy companies, infrastructure owners and developers, investors and end users alike and are experienced in public and private collaborations. Our team includes some of world s most experienced Power-toX experts who work closely with our clients to confidently develop Power-to-X and green hydrogen solutions.

Your partner through all project stages

Our cross-disciplinary capabilities and unmatched position in renewables and experience in Power-to-X mean we can partner with our clients through all stages of a project. We provide support ranging from front-end technical, economic and environmental feasibility assessments, regulatory impacts and approvals and project finance advice, through to engineering design, system integration and project and construction management.

Our areas of expertise

  • :
    Renewable energy generation facilities - wind, solar PV, biomass and biogas
  • :
    Electrolysis and fuel cells
  • :
    Environmental feasibility and impact assessments
  • :
    Carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • :
    Synthesis of renewable fuels
  • :
    Hydrogen pipelines, compressors and storage
  • :
    Water and waste treatment
  • :
    Sector coupling

Quick facts

  • Anders Nimgaard Schultz

    Director, Power-to-X & Gas infrastructure

    +45 51 61 33 95

  • Eva Ravn Nielsen

    Senior chief advisor

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