Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) is unavoidable to achieve net zero. With a big portfolio of successfully completed projects, Ramboll is a leading advisor in this fast-growing industry.

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The path to 1.5°C runs through carbon capture

While proven capture technologies are available and the strategic goal is clear, challenges remain to deploy CCUS at scale. Appropriate financial frameworks are only gradually being developed, the industry is young, and technologies are still expensive.
However, costs are being driven down and the deployment speed up by increased policy momentum, the establishment of clusters, technological development, and through optimisation of the relevant industry applications.
We are taking part in this positive development, not least by assisting clients assess and develop projects within carbon capture and CO2 transport, utilisation and storage.
Ramboll also provides management, commercial and environmental assistance to developers and governments in the development of overall strategies, business plans, and environmental assessments and plans for CCUS projects.

Navigating challenges

We have a deep understanding of the industry, the technologies and their application. And we can help clients navigate the challenges and pitfalls.

CCUS is one of the few technology options that can significantly reduce direct CO2 emissions (including process emissions) from the industry sector, which produces one-quarter of global CO2 emissions

The International Energy Agency

Experienced energy partner

Building on our extensive experience in oil and gas, Ramboll supports owners and developers across Europe plan and implement carbon capture. We do this at existing or new facilities within biomass, waste-to-energy and gasfired power plants and industrial facilities.
We are also experts in CO2 transport by pipeline, rail and ship. And we are a leading consultant in Europe on CO2 utilisation – for instance through Power-to-X.
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What we offer

  • :
    Preparation of tender documents, evaluation of proposals, negotiations and contract closure
  • :
    Contract management
  • :
    Supervision and implementation management of projects, including design reviews and supervision of construction and commissioning
  • :
    Strategic studies, due diligence, environmental planning and assessments
  • :
    Technology assessments, feasibility studies and business case development
  • :
    Project definition, including budgeting, procurement strategy and conceptual layout
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