to a sustainable future

Let’s close the gap

Woman seen in the gap between two tree trunks

Between today and a sustainable future, there is a gap

But it doesn’t have to be a growing gap. Because when we as people work together, we can close it. Discover how we can get from where we are to where we need to be.

Let’s collaborate and co-create a sustainable future

There is a gap in the world. A gap between what is needed and what is agreed. Between what is invented and what is implemented. Between excuses and extinction. But when we as people – leaders, cities and industries – come together, we can close it.
When we collectively accelerate our actions and take a holistic approach, we can start to unlock the full potential of sustainable change. Let’s collaborate and co-create a future that is decarbonised, resilient, circular and biodiverse. Let’s close the gap to a sustainable future.
: $12 trillion
can be generated in economic benefits by 2030 through investments in sustainable practices (IFC, 2018)

A holistic approach to closing the gap

Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary - Aerial drone view of tiny fishing island on Lake Kavicsos near Budapest.
Overhead aerial view of containers full of different recycled waste materials

Achieving green, sustainable, and equitable growth

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Find out what it means to work at the heart of sustainable change. See how Ying, Mikkel and Evelina turned their passion into their profession.
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