Understanding the lives of those who use our buildings, our goal is to create generous environments to live, work, and play in.

Rendering of Marmormolen, the new timber builidng for AP Pension

Architecture design services

Architecture today encompasses an extended scope beyond designing and building, in which creativity, research, and knowledge are fundamental. By actively co-create with clients at the early stages of the design process to continually advance the quality of designs, from inception to completion. We even help measure the effects and impact of those designs.

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  • Jacob Kurek

    Global Design Director/Partner – Henning Larsen

    +45 27 15 02 69

  • Louis Bendix Becker


    +45 27 15 02 20

  • Rasmus Riis Andersen

    Global Division Director, Architecture

    +45 40 12 75 57