Water, wastewater treatment and circularity

Providing world-leading sustainable advanced water treatment, all disciplines related to wastewater treatment as well as innovative resource recovery from wastewater.

Digesters in Lynetten project

Global expertise addressing emerging issues

We help utilities and industries efficiently treat water and wastewater and recirculate resources to produce renewable energy, raw materials, and clean water. We help clients reduce costs and CO2 emissions, as well as meet increasing demands for critical resources in water-scarce environments, for food production and for new technologies such as green hydrogen.

Sustainable water treatment

  • We work with new and existing facilities on tertiary treatment, sludge treatment, anaerobic digestion, and sustainable sludge disposal.
  • We provide the technology and know-how to recover and redistribute precious resources:
  • Treated water used in industrial cooling processes, renewable fuel production, or drinking water.
  • Sludge reused for biogas production, converted into biosolids, and used as fertiliser.
  • Nutrients like phosphorous recovered to support food production.
  • Our advanced water treatment expertise include experience with methods and technologies such as ceramic membranes, suspended ion exchange, water reuse and sustainable desalination.
Digesters in Lynetten project

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  • Engineering and design

    Creating a more sustainable future through engineering and design excellence for our clients.

  • Sustainability consulting and ESG

    Sustainability consulting, ESG advisory and change support that help clients decarbonise and gain competitive advantages from the transformation to a low carbon economy.

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    Businesses require that their projects, programmes, and portfolios are efficient, reliable and value-creating. We deliver certainty, whilst maximising results and protecting schedules, costs, and reputation

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