Economic impact assessments & CBA

Enabling sustainable decisions and investments by assessing economic, social, and environmental impacts with insights into the short- and long-term effects of changes.

Delivering innovative economic impact assessments for public and private sector clients

Policymakers, investors, and companies continually decide the most efficient allocation of resources. To do so, these decisions must be based on a thorough understanding of all projects and their impacts.
We empower informed decision making using our comprehensive approach to economic impact assessments. Focusing on both economic and sustainable development, we tailor and process assessments to the specific needs of each client. Our aim is to provide them a comprehensive project perspective.
We gather data from various sources including government agencies, statistical bureaus, trade associations, and surveys to better understand project impacts. Our easily accessible impact assessment formats identify and quantify key economic, social, and environmental benefits and costs. With our help, policymakers, investors, and companies can allocate resources efficiently with confidence.

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  • Sanni N. Breining

    Sanni N. Breining

    Director Sustainable Economics

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    Mattias Almqvist

    Team Lead

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    Stefanie O'Gorman

    Director Sustainable Economics UK

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