3GIS digital structural assessment

Ensuring a reliable telecommunication infrastructure structure in Sweden. Our digital structural assessment solution helps two of Sweden’s main network operators offer the best services to their customers.

To efficiently function in the modern cyber universe, reliable telecommunication infrastructure is needed. However, the continuous demand for connectivity and data changes telecom structures during their lifetime. This means the operations and maintenance of these structures is vital.

Telenor’s and 3’s shared 3G network outside of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, and Karlskrona is maintained and operated by 3GIS, another telecommunication company.

3GIS appointed Ramboll to implement a digital, automated solution to assess structural assets. 3GIS wanted an interactive overview of their full asset portfolio capacity, both for live and for scenario planning. To create the tool, we included structural data intake, data integrity checks, structure modelling, design bases, assessment processes and workflows, design analyses reporting, and reporting dashboard.

Adding agile processes with reduced turnaround times

It is common for infrastructure owners to conduct repeated engineering evaluations due to structure changes from technology upgrades, site sharing requirements, or lease agreements. Not only can this be costly and time-consuming, but not all changes may be captured accurately.

Our digitally enabled and automated structural assessment tool provides 3GIS with agile processes that significantly reduce turnaround times for the engineering evaluations. Risks are also minimised in decision-making thanks to the provision of including real site condition data, including changes.

Our solution benefits:

  • Complete database of asset structures
  • Always up-to-date tower documentation
  • Organised processes for structural assessments to improve asset values
  • Overview of the complete asset portfolio
  • Overview of critical network circles for prioritised new builds/strengthening
  • Tracking design change histories for all sites
  • Evaluations of structures per actual site conditions
  • Capacity overview of structures on-screen at any time (live updates)
  • Simulations and clustered calculations for future requirements · Simple overview of all the results
  • Automatic updates and compliance to new codes and standards
  • Clear visibility - better reporting - wiser decisions

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