AI-powered environmental monitoring for sustainable land management and biodiversity restoration

Galago empowers landowners to
Save time and money by using the best experts, technology and approach for each task which results in high efficiency, less time in the field and cost-efficient decision making.
Intelligently monitor and make sustainable decisions using data, which is especially important for early problem detection and intervention as well as conservation efforts.
Meet or exceed environmental regulations by understanding and aligning with local, regional, and national priorities and regulations. Then by helping you responsibly restore biodiversity in the best ways possible to sustain it.
Assess and mitigate risks using AI-powered monitoring to quickly act when risks arise and provides evidence to refute litigation or unwanted public relations.
Communicate A-Z project reporting including quickly communicating the status of a project site to relevant stakeholders when needed. Rather than waiting months with traditional methods, we provide results in days or weeks.
Reach environmental, social, and corporate governance goals at any scale using irrefutable scientific methods and evidence.
Conduct tailor-made environmental impact assessments by mapping, analysing, maintaining, and protecting wildlife habitats.
Project types we manage with confidence
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  • Large and linear infrastructure projects like roads, railways, energy piping, or airports
  • Renewable energy facilities for wind, solar, and green hydrogen power
  • High-value real estate sites like data centres or pharmaceutical campuses
  • Land development for residential, agricultural, recreation, transportation, forestry, and commercial use
  • Biodiversity and land measuring, monitoring, management, restoration, conservation, or preservation
  • Legacy pollution, contamination, or super fund sites across mining, pharmaceuticals, processing and manufacturing plants, landfills, and more
Galago makes sustainable land management a reality
We help landowners visualize and characterize their entire sites digitally so they can make data-driven, evidence-based, and well-informed decisions.
  • Make land management decisions with confidence
  • Mitigate ecological, financial, reputational and regulatory risks
  • Protect your land and natural assets
We can give you an in-depth, nuanced, and comprehensive view of your site, and how it is changing and evolving over time, whether you are trying to monitor invasive species, or looking to maximize your biodiversity and ecological impact.
Harness the power of geospatial intelligence for sustainable land management and biodiversity restoration. We bring together the latest geospatial technologies using drones, UAV and satellite-based imagery to digitally capture your entire site, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to characterize and assess it at scale.
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