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March 11, 2024

Ramboll achieves GreenScreen® profiler status

In support of the chemical industry’s green transition, Ramboll earns accreditation from Clean Production Action.

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Ramboll achieves GreenScreen® profiler status, supporting the chemical industry’s green transition
To help clients in their pursuit of safer chemicals in products and across supply chains, Ramboll has completed the GreenScreen® profiler programme. Reaching a true milestone in advocating for the sustainability of chemicals, Ramboll is the first Europe-headquartered firm to earn the accreditation from Clean Production Action (CPA), a non-profit organisation. This accreditation positions Ramboll at the forefront of sustainable chemistry, allowing us to conduct comprehensive chemical hazard assessments, a crucial step in helping companies transition to safer chemicals in their products and throughout their supply chains.
As a licensed GreenScreen® profiler, Ramboll can offer specialised consultancy services globally, with a team adept in chemistry, toxicology, and ecotoxicology.

“Ramboll is thrilled to enhance our service offering as a provider of GreenScreen®, leveraging the power of transparency and scientific rigor to drive the transformation towards a safer and more sustainable future for chemicals management. We're committed to helping our clients make informed, responsible decisions that protect human health and the environment.”

Thomas Rücker
Principal in Chemical Safety & Regulatory Compliance

This capability is particularly pertinent within the framework of the European Green Deal, which encompasses various policy areas such as climate action, sustainable industry, and eliminating pollution. Sustainable chemistry is pivotal in realising the goals set by the Green Deal, aiming to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and promote the development of eco-friendly materials and products. One core aspect of sustainable chemistry is to identify and understand the inherent dangers posed by a substance during the early stages of product development, allowing safer alternatives to hazardous substances to be identified and regrettable substitutions to be avoided, thereby mitigating risks right from inception.
GreenScreen®, a key tool in chemical hazard assessment, has been endorsed by various regulatory agencies, including the European Chemicals Agency and the US Environmental Protection Agency. It Is also an integral part of numerous healthy materials programs and is adopted by industrial giants like Apple and Hewlett-Packard for sustainable product development. GreenScreen® supports the innovation of safer chemicals, aligned with sustainability goals, and aids in meeting increasing consumer and regulatory demands for chemical safety.
As a licensed profiler, Ramboll is set to play a significant role in paving the way for a greener, more responsible chemical industry that uplifts the ideals of the European Green Deal.
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