Sustainability strategy and planning

We combine technical, environmental, and financial expertise with strategic insight – helping our clients turn sustainability ambitions into real-world actions.

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Good strategy begins with a strong baseline

Our strategy teams, drawing on technical, financial, environmental, social and financial specialists within Ramboll, guide clients to articulate their vision of an achievable and more sustainable future.
Our approach to strategy development is based on the principles of double materiality which means assessing the impact of an organisation on the environment, economy and society; and how the environment, economy, and society likewise have a significant impact on the organisation. This includes their ESG related material impacts, risks, and opportunities. In this way, we partner with our clients to map their baseline or footprint across global value chains.
Ideation – meaning the creative process of looking at key challenges and developing innovative solutions – is a critical aspect of the strategy development process.
Ultimately the focus is always to achieve tangible results, which are measured using quantifiable sustainability and ESG performance metrics. To improve these metrics, we work with our clients to cascade targets and goals throughout their organisation and across complex value chains.

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  • Patrick Moloney

    Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting

    +45 51 61 66 46

  • Corey Barnes

    Head of Strategic Sustainability Consulting US