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Our innovative approach in land and biodiversity monitoring, an ambitious multidisciplinary mindset, and a proven track record will give you insights and perspectives to manage your land confidently. Meet our top experts.

Galago’s superpower is the outcome of bringing together four key capabilities 

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    Expert consultants

    Our greatest strength is our people, how to determine the clients’ challenge and problem, how we define our approach to tackle it, and then what tech will deliver the best results. We offer decades of industry experience and expert consultants.

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    How we collect detailed hi-resolution imagery of land captured by satellite, drone and UAV (so you don’t need to visit the land) and digitize these assets into a 3D desktop version (the digital twin element, so anyone, anywhere can assess the land). We are tech-agnostic; we choose what’s best for the job, not what’s best for us.

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    Tailor-made solutions

    The tailor-made artificial intelligence and machine learning that can characterize and identify what’s on and in the land, its concentration, impact on health, and identifies any indications of problems or risks (underlying toxins, pollutants, movement) as well as helping us determine the biodiversity baseline, and natural capital.

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    Smooth A-Z project management

    Smooth A-Z project management is crucial. Using our reporting, businesses can learn what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. We can also help our clients track their objectives and monitor land over time while assessing the rate and impact of change.

Why we are the best in the market sector


We are proud to state that we are not simply a SaaS product. We streamline operations, can analyze larger data sets and make better decisions through technology. Fundamentally, we provide bespoke highly informed solutions.

The team

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  • Chris Bowles


  • Mike Rawitch

    Team Lead

  • Tim Cushman

    Technical Lead

    +1 414-837-3628

  • Brittni Engels

    Business Development & Sales Lead

    +1 585-295-7703

  • Emilia Stepinski

    Biodiversity Technical Lead

    +1 703-516-2457

  • Margaret Lindman

    Geospatial Analyst

    +1 207-517-8232

  • Kyle Kohler

    Technical Lead

    +1 484-804-7260

  • Abby Stephens

    Geospatial Analyst

  • Fabian Geier

    Data Scientist

    +49 1525 3210710

  • Martin Broderick

    UK and Europe Lead

    +44 7773 950804

  • Danielle Radomile

    Geospatial Analyst

  • Hyasmine Marie Briones

    Geospatial Analyst

  • Duncan Hill

    Sustainability Innovation Consultant

  • James McCann

    Managing Consultant

    +1 703-516-2410

  • Brad Waier

    Senior Data Analytics Consultant

  • Cristiana Falvo

    Geospatial Analyst

Why work with us


Increased regulation, consumer pressure and better business practices demand protecting, improving and maintaining biodiversity as a cornerstone in achieving sustainable business goals. Companies don't know where to begin or how to measure their results. We are here to help.

Collaboration opportunities

We are open to collaborative efforts such as guest speaking initiatives. You can invite us or we can have your expert knowledge shared during our upcoming webinars or in the form of a white paper.

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