Sustainability in the built environment

We help clients navigate the transition to more sustainable buildings from design phase to operation through solid experience in how buildings are designed, planned, financed, operated, and retrofitted within their local context.

Elevating sustainability standards in the built environment globally

Our global, multidisciplinary collaboration delivers comprehensive sustainability consultancy and design solutions. Our regenerative approach to the built environment aims at flourishing communities that are dynamic, emergent, resilient, and circular.
We provide strategic advice on EU Taxonomy alignment, ESG, CRREM and Net-Zero objectives striving for a holistic perspective.
Our 150+ licensed assessors guide you through processes across major schemes such as BREEAM, DGNB, LEED, Miljöbyggnad, NABERS, Passivhaus, WELL, and Level(S), aiding in target setting, design, and construction for optimal certification outcome.
Our energy efficiency services include retrofitting strategies, simulations, and performance evaluations, complemented by expertise in passive design, district heating/cooling, and renewable solar and wind energy.
We specialize in greenhouse gas emissions accounting, lifecycle analysis (LCA), and Environmental Product Declarations, advocating for sustainable material use and building design that accommodates deconstruction and reuse.
Indoor environment
We prioritize indoor environmental quality through optimisation of thermal comfort, daylight, acoustics, and air quality, all crucial for occupant health.
Durability and Adaptability
We deliver services in climate risk assessment, building automation and smart building designs to ensure durability and adaptability in the face of evolving climates and user needs.

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  • Rikke Bjerregaard Orry

    Rikke Bjerregaard Orry

    Sustainability Director

    +45 51 61 32 00

  • Lars Riemann

    Lars Riemann

    Executive Director, Buildings

    +45 51 61 68 97

  • Paul Astle

    Paul Astle

    Decarbonisation Lead

    +44 7436 545367