Social impact that makes people and nature flourish

Ramboll’s mission is to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish

Our project manager at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

The Flourish programme

Our social impact programme, Flourish, was launched in 2023 and aims to further strengthen Ramboll’s position as an active and recognised partner for sustainable change beyond our projects with clients.
The Flourish programme is driven in collaboration with the Ramboll Foundation which provides funding to the initiatives and non-profit partners in the programme. The Ramboll Group donates in-kind hours for employees to use their expertise to bring technical and social solutions addressing local specific needs, all within working hours.
There are two target groups in the programme. We support:
  1. Underserved groups to enter our industry.
  2. Vulnerable communities to transition towards sustainable future.
For now, initiatives are running in three locations
  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. India.

Staying true to our legacy

Ramboll is built on a strong humanistic vision. For our founders, it was always about the purpose: to contribute to the development of sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. That same purpose has driven us since 1945. Through the Flourish programme, we further strengthen Ramboll’s commitment to delivering social impact.

Enabling employees’ sense of purpose

We are fortunate to have dedicated and engaged employees who wish to use their skills to help improve the lives of others and support their journey towards a more sustainable future. In Ramboll, hundreds of volunteers have supported local communities with engineering solutions and capacity building globally through the years. In addition, there are specific social impact activities that are driven by local offices around the world.

In Uttar Pradesh, India, Ramboll volunteers, together with NGO Prayatna, provide long-term community support to vulnerable villages affected by climate change and livelihood depletion. Ramboll provides visible infrastructure support, such as school drinking water and streetlights, water conservation and drainage, as well as tree-planting, school and playground renovation and street development.
Ramboll volunteers, Prayatna, India

Collaborating with strategic non-profit partners

The partners involved in the Flourish programme, and their related initiatives, are carefully selected based on their scalability and strategic fit with the aim of the programme. We favour long-term and strategic partnerships, to continuously critically assess our impact and adapt our support as needed. We rely on our partners’ expertise on how to best serve the beneficiaries’ needs, taking into account local specificities.

In the UK, Ramboll employee Emmanuel Afolabi is the founder and driver of the Fest Hub, an NGO which provides career guidance through sports. The Fest Hub connects football, education and STEM in a unique setup to help people from underserved communities. Volunteers from Ramboll provide career guidance and STEM outreach and bring skills such as project management, communications, architecture and engineering into play.
FestHub, volunteering