People impacts

How we ensure Ramboll is an inspiring, inclusive employer that creates a safe and healthy space for employees to thrive.

Ramboll employee explaining aspects of the office map

Health and safety

The safety and well being of our employees is paramount to us.
How We Act, our company wide Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality management system, guides our systematic approach to identifying, managing, and monitoring risks as well as our ongoing commitment to improve our health and safety performance.
The management system complies with, and is certified according to, internationally recognised standards: ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety management; ISO 9001 on quality management; and ISO 14001 on environmental management.
For details on our environmental stewardship see here

We operate with three Health and Safety key performance indicators

  • : 0.43

    Lost time incident rate (LTIR)

    which was down to 0.43 in 2021 (2020: 0.89)
  • : 1.37

    Total reportable incident rate

    which was 1.37 in 2021 2020: 1.74)
  • : 98%

    Health and Safety training completion rate

    which increased to a very satisfactory 98%, as compared with 88% in 2020, due to mandatory requirements and measures.

Ramboll's core beliefs continue to drive our approach to quality, diversity, and inclusion.

Ramboll respects, embraces, and invites diversity in all its forms, and we strive to create an inclusive culture where everyone thrives. To support these measures, in 2021 we have gone through key processes such as recruitment, pay process, promotion, and succession to ensure mitigation of bias and focus on equal opportunities.
We have established a digital dashboard to drive and inform our EDI strategy with data, and embedded EDI aspects in our global recruitment and succession planning. We provide on going education for all employees on equality, diversity, and inclusion; and are mindful that acting on EDI requires contributions from all employees, and especially from leaders as role models.

Improving gender representation

We aspire to build an organisation of inclusion and belonging and create a workplace that reflects our commitment to society. To that end, we will work to achieve a more balanced organisation with a strong focus on gender representation.

Gender targets

By 2025, we aim to employ 40% women across Ramboll. In 2021, the gender distribution was 35% women and 65% men.
In addition, we have set a target of having at least two women on our Group Executive Board, which currently comprises two women and four men.
These efforts are also reflected in our hiring practices. We understand that to better reflect our societies, we must attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Corporate social responsibility

Our volunteers give thousands of hours of their personal time every year to a wide range of projects in close cooperation with nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), local programmes, and the Ramboll Foundation. Projects range from building bridges in African countries to improving sanitation and water supply in remote areas of the Himalayas or in Central America.