LOHAS Park: Going Big on Wellbeing

A mega project that tackles tough environmental challenges in Hong Kong’s Tseung Kwan O township.
residential District at Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O, 5 Oct 2022
LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Park is a 34-hectare residential development that forms part of a Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) planned around the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Maintenance Depot. Slated for full completion in 2024, the development includes fifty high-rise residential towers totalling 25,700 flat units, dedicated terminus station, central park and shopping mall as well as government, institutional and community facilities accommodating a 58,000-strong population.
As the client’s environmental and sustainability consultant, Ramboll assisted developer MTR Corporation on different phases of construction, handling statutory planning and building plan approval mechanisms in relation to the project’s environmental aspects throughout its life cycle.
End-to-end Solutions
The CDA’s proximity to the TKO Industrial Estate, restored landfill sites and sewage preliminary treatment works among others, presented a unique environmental challenge to the project and the developer. To address this Ramboll employed a full spectrum of environmental services at all project stages, from planning to detailed design and implementation. These included exhaustive assessments of environmental noise (traffic, industrial, rail and railway depot), air quality (traffic and industrial development emissions) and water quality. In addition, we conducted assessments on landfill gas migration, thermal impact due to restored landfill flaring, risk impact due to nearby industrial LPG compound installations and outdoor wind environment. Our work on resolving the air ventilation issue affecting the site now forms a key element of LOHAS Park’s sustainable drive, well in advance of the HK government’s mandated air ventilation (microclimate) study of 2006.
Success in Sustainability
Ramboll’s advisory on HKBEAM+, the local green building certification scheme, helped LOHAS Park achieve a Gold rating on sustainable building design and livelihood environment. This combined with other winning factors of urban design, environmental sensitivity and attraction value has left a positive impact on homebuyers, investors and visitors, making LOHAS Park one of the most successful enclaves in the TKO township.

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