Urban design and planning

Designing healthy and resilient communities at the urban scale is more crucial than ever as cities and populations grow, in tandem with a changing climate.

Pioneering regenerative urbanism

Our approach to cities addresses social, environmental, and economic issues while creating long-lasting positive impact for all. Our designs are driven by experience, data, systems-thinking, stakeholder engagement, and relationship-building. 
Working collaboratively to create thriving communities, we help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems such as extreme weather, biodiversity loss, water crises, social dissolution, and livelihood crises. 
Our creativity and interdisciplinary design expertise help us rethink public spaces and infrastructure. We specialise in integrated infrastructure, local food production, water management and resilience, mobility systems, and other elements of urban life. To deliver both resilient and life-centric urban environments, we use data to inform our design decisions and create visionary urban transformation strategies. With a strong purpose and narrative, we engage and mobilise relevant stakeholders to drive authentic community inclusion.

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  • Trine Stausgaard Munk

    Head of Sustainability, Ramboll Water

    +45 5161 2827

  • Signe Kongebro

    Global Design Director, Urbanism – Henning Larsen

    +45 27 15 02 68

  • Lone A. Clowes

    Country Market Director, Australia

    +45 51 61 59 69