Urban design and planning

Designing healthy and resilient communities at the urban scale is more crucial than ever as cities and populations grow, in tandem with a changing climate.

Pioneering regenerative urbanism

Our approach to cities addresses social, environmental, and economic issues while creating long-lasting positive impact for all. Our designs are driven by experience, data, systems-thinking, stakeholder engagement, and relationship-building. 

Working collaboratively to create thriving communities, we help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems such as extreme weather, biodiversity loss, water crises, social dissolution, and livelihood crises. 

Our creativity and interdisciplinary design expertise help us rethink public spaces and infrastructure. We specialise in integrated infrastructure, local food production, water management and resilience, mobility systems, and other elements of urban life. To deliver both resilient and life-centric urban environments, we use data to inform our design decisions and create visionary urban transformation strategies. With a strong purpose and narrative, we engage and mobilise relevant stakeholders to drive authentic community inclusion.

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  • Empire State Plaza energy master plan

    Empire State Plaza: A green energy system for the heart of Albany. We're devlpoing the energy master plan for this iconic and istoric building, helping slash carbon emissions and support the state's climate goals.

    In 2021, Ramboll won its largest US energy masterplan project to date, an energy audit of the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany, New York. The Plaza is home to several state level government agencies, the legislature, and governor’s office, employing more than 13,000 public servants in total. The project focuses on transitioning the Plaza to renewable and low-carbon energy solutions.

  • Helsinki Nokia Arena and Tampere link

    Nokia Arena is the centrepiece of a new and unique area in Finland. Located above an existing 140-year-old railway, it links Tampere to Helsinki.

    Part of the wider development consisting of a multipurpose arena, hotel, offices and residential buildings on a new challenging deck structure a top an existing railway.

  • Queen’s Quay, Scotland: district heating

    The River Clyde now is the source of 100% carbon-free energy for an ambitious urban regeneration project in West Dunbartonshire, UK. Ramboll delivered a master plan and feasibility study for the Queen's Quay development.

    The £15m energy project is one of the UK’s most exciting initiatives within low-carbon heat delivery and is expected to cut more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly, making Clydebank one of the greenest towns in Scotland. The entire area of Queens Quay will be heated with water from the River Clyde which will be extracted by Scotland’s biggest large-scale water source heat pump

Our People

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  • Trine Stausgaard Munk

    Urbanism Team Lead and Head of Resilience, Head of Sustainability, Ramboll Water

    +45 5161 2827

  • Signe Kongebro

    Global Design Director, Urbanism – Henning Larsen

    +45 27 15 02 68

  • Lone A. Clowes

    Executive Director

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