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Rail engineering

A sustainable transport system is essential for a well functioning society. Increased urbanisation and road congestion, and a focus on the environment and energy consumption make railways a strong alternative to road transport for people and freight. Ramboll provides professional consultancy services within railways and other public transport.

Ramboll is heading the consortium designing and planning the national rollout of the new EMRTS signalling system in Denmark

Construction and upgrading of railways is rapidly increasing all over the world. Ramboll provides professional consultancy services within railways and other public transport - including a complete range of rail-based systems, from high-speed railways to urban transport systems, such as metro and light rail.

Our technical expertise within rail consultancy comprises permanent way, traction power, and overhead catenaries system, interlocking systems, signalling, traffic management, telecoms and rolling stock. We combine this expertise with all of our other services – allowing us to deliver fully integrated transport solutions. With extensive expertise within railway and urban transport services, we offer planning, design, approval, operational, and commissioning services.

Copenhagen Metro Circle Line. The new system will carry upwards of 275,000 passengers per day. This is the largest ever rail project in Denmark.

Our customers

We render services to both the public and the private sector, and our customers cover all major stakeholders in the railway market. By having such diverse customers, we have acquired a unique understanding of the different stakeholder needs. It also gives us a valuable background for finding solutions suitable for all parties involved. Our customers include:

  • Ministries
  • Railway authorities
  • Railway infrastructure agencies
  • Operators
  • Municipalities
  • Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Rolling stock owners and investors
  • Private investors, banks, and financial institutions.

Ramboll covers the whole project cycle from inception to ex-post evaluation. We also have experience with investor-grade assessment of markets and service propositions.

We maintain a strong focus on the customer’s needs and expectations through all stages of our projects – and ensure proper risk management at all times.

We differentiate ourselves by providing expertise and experience at all project stages, a truly multidisciplinary approach, and global knowledge coupled with an understanding of the local context. We adopt the latest technological innovations from around the world, integrate them into the local transport infrastructure and make sure they meet all local regulations and standards.

The Danish Signalling Programme. Denmark will upgrade its entire signalling system to a common European Rail Tra“ffic Management System (ERTMS). Ramboll is spearheading the consortium design and national rollout of the new system.

Wide-ranging expertise

Our rail experts have diverse backgrounds, including infrastructure and business management, finance, traffic and project management, engineering, safety and risk management. Their expertise, combined with the experience we have gained over more than 35 years as consultants in the railway business, provides us with a deep technical knowledge, as well as strong networks in the market.

Unique approach

Citybanan in Stockholm, Sweden. Citybanan is a double track railway tunnel. Alignment of the tunnel will be below the central part of Stockholm City. It is expected to open in 2011.

Our assignments often require that we combine our railway know-how with our expertise in other civil engineering fields, such as management, construction, and ground engineering.

We have experience working with international and national codes and standards (EN and UIC), and we actively participate in workshops and group forums to help set new standards and drive innovation in the rail industry.

We have a consistent approach to quality and safety. This means that we are as keen on getting the small details right, as we are keen on developing the best overall concept.

Holmestrand-Nykirke, Norway. The new fourteen-kilometre double track through the city of Holmestrand will greatly improve the rail services on the Vestfold line. Ramboll is responsible for designing 7 kilometres of the line.

Our services

  • Master planning, detailed planning, studies and system design
  • Design, engineering, maintenance, and renewal of technical systems
  • Tendering, evaluation, and contracting
  • Implementation of rail solutions
  • Project and construction management and supervision
  • Traffic forecasting, modelling, and simulation
  • Traffic management and operational analysis
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Environment, HSE, and sustainability
  • Safety and risk, RAMS, and validation
  • Noise, vibration and acoustics
  • Management, finance, and informatics
  • Live cycle cost analysis
  • Training
  • Business management
  • Organisational development.
High speed assessments. Phase 3 between Oslo and Trondheim, Norway

Capability Statement

Mobilising Public Transport
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