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Infrastructure Asset Management

Asset Management is all about keeping roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and other infrastructure in the best possible condition. It is essential to have a safe and reliable infrastructure system. Ramboll is recognised worldwide for our ability to facilitate this at the lowest possible life cycle cost – in close cooperation with our customers.

Ramboll is recognized worldwide for its operation and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels and other civil works

We are market leading in asset management for roads and bridges – and experts in all areas related to condition survey, rehabilitation and maintenance planning. We perform all the necessary assessments and work according to local geography and climate.

We know what it takes to keep roads, bridges, tunnels, port structures, and other civil works in top condition. All outdoor structures deteriorate due to shifting environmental and mechanical conditions, and from major events such as floods and earthquakes.

Ramboll is continuously working on developing new financial models, survey technologies, and effective, long-lasting procedures and methods for repairs or strengthening of damaged structures. This includes procedures for maintenance and repairs complete- or partial replacement, stabilisation of the deterioration condition, or a reduction of the current deterioration speed of the structure.

Storebælt (the Great belt fixed link), Denmark

Inventories and measurements

We assess the local conditions, and we do what it takes to minimise deterioration. The critical construction parts can be monitored in order to collect the detailed knowledge about the part’s condition and deterioration process. This makes it possible to significantly reduce costs by conducting major repairs at the (financially) optimal time. Our qualified staff carries out inspections and maintenance activities using the right equipment – and draws on the resources of experts and laboratory facilities whenever necessary.

In order to plan for and execute optimal operation and maintenance for a structure, you need to know its condition. We carefully evaluate the condition through various examination activities, and by conducting routine and special inspections as needed. As a next step, in our state-of-the-art materials laboratory, we utilise equipment for the preparation and analysis of building materials.

Our services cover the field of failure analysis of natural stone, concrete and other related materials – as well as in general materials characterization. We also offer expertise in other cement-based products, fibres, steel, coatings, and water proofing membranes.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Without damaging the structure, Ramboll uses NDT on-site to acquire detailed knowledge about a structure. We can screen large areas and quickly learn about the condition and remaining bearing capacity of the structure in its natural elements. NDT is a powerful tool used for quality assurance of asphalt, concrete, natural stones, steel, and other materials. Its use can replace traditional time-consuming destructive test methods such as drilling cores, and scrapping concrete surfaces. Ramboll both designs, uses, and sells the well-known Laser RST technology for road surveys. 

Asset management as a service

Ramboll provides asset management services for all types of infrastructure. We cooperate with the asset owners and maintenance contractors by providing the expertise needed for procurement, programming, planning, or supervising phases. Ramboll can present the benefits of alternative project plans, follow the status of all planned and ongoing activities, and enable the decision makers to compare alternative outcomes.

The ability to share information ensures cost effective solutions and better cooperation among the participating organisations, and enhances the understanding of the state of the structures. Over the long term, performance based maintenance contracts (PBSC) give us the ability to guarantee the functionality of the assets over time. Ramboll offers the expertise for planning, managing, and conducting the PBSC contract. We can also help customers developing their operations and organisation when changes are needed in their asset management.

Ramboll has developed modern and advanced IT systems to monitor and report maintenance activities dynamically on the web. These systems provide a channel for all parties involved in asset management to plan, evaluate, and follow the status of planned and ongoing works. Our Asset Management services rely on several tools and technical methods such as RST, SMART, Airpave and Web services.

International experience

Ramboll’s rehabilitation and maintenance group is recognised worldwide for its asset management of roads, bridges, tunnels, and other civil works. Since 1990, we have provided professional services and training to customers in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central America, and South America.

Our services

Our services apply to every phase of a structure’s life cycle and include the following:

• Routine inspections, special inspections and measurements
• Materials technology
• Monitoring and management systems
• Life cycle cost and risk analysis
• Rehabilitation programming, design and supervision

Our customers include public institutions, donor organisations, private developers and contractors.


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