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Urbanisation, globalisation, and climate change represent three of today’s biggest global challenges – and they all have a profound effect on the transport area. The need to create denser, well-functioning residential environments within existing urban areas requires engineering solutions that are sustainable, innovative and cost-effective.

Ramboll provides a broad range of Infrastructure & Transport services

Enabling sustainable mobility

Mobility is a prerequisite for any urban development. People, goods and information need to cross borders every day, and the globalised world is dependent on an efficient and seamless transport network.

At Ramboll, we are able to provide our customers with a unique combination of wide ranging services, a holistic business approach, and global knowledge and experience coupled with a local presence. Our spearhead services within transport include aviation, bridges, ports, rail, tunnels, infrastructure asset management, and ground engineering.

All-encompassing transport solutions

Designing, constructing and maintaining transport projects, which today are often carried out within already built environments, requires holistic planning and efficient management in order to secure the least possible disturbance for the community.

We offer every service required for project development, design, completion, and maintenance in the transport area: from management consulting and research, feasibility studies, assessments, design and construction management, to asset management. It goes without saying that we apply our environment expertise to all of these services.


  • We have more than 2,600 specialists working within Transport worldwide
  • We hold a leading position in our home markets, i.e. the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland)
  • Our spearhead services include aviation, bridges, ports, rail, tunnels, roads, infrastructure asset management, and geotechnical engineering
  • Our biggest customers include national transport administrations, private contractors, and municipalities


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Enabling sustainable mobility
Metro outside DR Byen in Copenhagen, Denmark
Feature article about mobility and value engineering
It is essential to optimise each and every detail in the large-scale infrastructure projects to make the most of the innovative investments in the short and evenly important - the very long run. Value engineering is key in long-standing mobility projects.


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Peter Heymann Andersen
Managing Director, Transport
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