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Wind energy

Wind energy production constitutes over 2.5% of total worldwide electricity usage and is growing rapidly at more than 25% per annum. A key advantage of wind power is that it is a renewable source of power with close to zero emissions and limited impact on the environment.

Sarepta onshore wind farm, Norway. Photo credits: Sarepta
Since Ramboll developed the first wind turbines in 1986 we have rapidly expanded our involvement in wind energy projects all over the world.

As well as being undisputed leader in the offshore wind sector, involved in over 65% of global projects, Ramboll also works extensively on onshore wind projects.

Wind energy expertise in all project stages

With our international, multidisciplinary and wind energy specific competencies, we are a full-range service provider in wind energy projects, and Ramboll offers comprehensive expert services for the different project stages  from early feasibility, business case and impact assessment studies to planning, engineering, implementation, commissioning and the subsequent operation & maintenance.
Substation at Anholt offshore wind farm, Denmark

Ramboll can effectively manage the entire project or contribute with our expertise in different sub-projects according to our customer’s need. We provide a “one-stop-shop” consultancy with global knowledge centres, but with a network of offices and resources to serve our clients locally.

Read more about our offshore wind services.

Read more about our onshore wind services.

Bessaker wind farm, Norway


Asset Management
Asset Management
Asset management enables our clients to realise value from their assets while balancing performance, costs and risks. Read more about Ramboll's experience with asset management in our brochure.
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring
Ramboll's low-cost monitoring solutions ensure longer wind farm lifetimes and risk based inspection planning. Read more about condition monitoring here.


Cost Engineering
Cost Engineering
Integrated cost engineering offers competitive advantage with higher transparency and improved decision-making. Learn more about cost engineering here.
Offshore Decommissioning
Major component exchanges, re-powering and decommissioning are all important milestones in the project lifecycle. Read more about offshore decommissioning here.


Environmental Services
Environmental Services
Ramboll provides scientific, technical, and advisory services to developers of onshore and offshore wind energy, the world's fastest growing energy source. Read more about environmental services here.
Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
Floating Wind
Floating Offshore Wind Turbines enable clean energy production at deep water locations where bottom-fixed substructures are not economically feasible. Read more about Floating Wind here.


Lean Installation
Lean Installation
Ramboll provides strategic experience in onshore wind installation to prevent delays and ensure higher return on investments. Read more about lean installation here.
Masts and Towers
Masts and Towers
Masts and towers can be useful in all phases of wind energy projects - from wind measurements during development to support of commissioned wind turbine generators. Read more about masts and towers here.


Operation and Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance
Efficient Operations and Maintenance enables clean, cost-effective electricity from on- and offshore wind resources. Read more about operations and maintenance here.
Offshore Substation Design
Offshore Substation Design
A substation enables energy to be transformed and sent over long distances, minimising power loss and distribution costs. Read more and offshore substation design here.


Offshore wind turbine foundations
Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations
Wind turbine foundations are the basis for a reliable and successful offshore project. Ramboll provides world-leading design of all interfaces and with a clear focus on reduction of energy costs. Read more about offshore wind turbine foundations here.
Power Transmissions
Power Transmission
Ramboll provides full-range services related to wind farm integration in the power system. Read more about power transmission in our brochure here.


Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
Strategic design in supply chains supports growth, internationalisation and consolidation in wind industries. Read more about supply chain management here.
Offshore Wind Farms - Transport and Installations
Offshore Wind Farms - Transport and Installations
Installation is the most complex phase of an offshore wind farm project and requires profound expertise for successful realisation. Read more about transport and installation of offshore wind farms here.  


Wind and Site
Wind and Site
Success of a wind energy project is directly linked to its energy yield. Assessment of wave and current data is necessary for offshore wind farm foundation design. Read more about Wind and Site here.
Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations
Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations
Ramboll offers advanced foundation design, taking into account diverse soil conditions and project requirements to ensure optimised solutions. Read more about onshore wind turbine foundations here.


Event name
More information
6 - 8 June 2017
Offshore Wind Energy 2017
London, UK
Meet us at stand no. N-J30 in the Danish Pavilion. Contact Søren Juel Petersen to set up a meeting. Read more on the conference website
30 May - 1 June 2017
International Conference Wind Farm Lifecycle Management
Berlin, Germany
Lisa Ziegler will be speaking on 'End-of-life of wind turbines: how can we be certain about lifetime extension?'. Read more on the event page here.
4 July 2017
Offshore Foundations
Bremen, Germany

Tim Fischer will be speaking on 'Re-thinking support structure design as part of the novel market mechanisms'. Read more at the event page here.


Klaus Jacob Jensen
Klaus Jacob Jensen
Director of Global Wind & Towers Division
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Tim Fischer
Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer
Vice Director Wind & Towers
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Søren Juel Petersen
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