District energy

District energy is a generic term for the central production and distribution of thermal energy for heating and/or cooling residential, commercial and institutional buildings, and for industrial processes. District energy systems have a number of overall benefits, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced environmental protection, ease of operation and maintenance as well as reliability, comfort and superior convenience for consumers.

District heating pipes


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District energy comprises three main elements:
  • A central energy plant that produces thermal energy. The central plant may also incorporate combined heat and power (CHP) plants.
  • A network of pre-insulated pipes to distribute the thermal energy from the central plant to buildings.
  • The interface with services at the building including space heating, domestic hot water services, cooling and process heat.

Ramboll offers a full range of services on district energy projects from feasibility studies and planning to follow-up on operation and maintenance.

Our specialists in district energy, waste-to-energy, CHP, renewable energy and building installations work closely together to provide optimal use of heating and cooling sources. 

District heating

Ramboll has provided consultancy services to more than 200 district heating companies worldwide. In some cases services have been provided to the same clients for more than 30 years. Our services cover all scales, from small village schemes to city-wide transmission networks. We are universally regarded as one of the most experienced district heating consultants in the world and one of the very few offering a full range of services.

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District cooling

Since the turn of the century Ramboll has provided specialist services to the district cooling sector. The first assignments were closely linked to our work for district heating companies, but this has gradually developed to more comprehensive district cooling consultancy. Today, we are internationally regarded as a highly competent and reliable partner for all types of district cooling projects.

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Feature article about district heating

Until now, no waste-to-energy plant in Denmark has used heat pumps to boost flue gas condensation and recover heat. No one believed it could be done cost-effectively, but the design team at Ramboll Energy had other ideas.


Avedøre Power Plant, Copenhagen, Denmark

District heating system in the Copenhagen Region

The district heating schemes in the Copenhagen Region are interconnected, forming one of the largest integrated DH systems in the world.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Makkah District Cooling

A new mega district cooling project will make future pilgrimage to the sacred city of Makkah more comfortable for the many pilgrims who visit the Saudi Arabian city each year.

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