Construction management

Construction managers from Ramboll coordinate the trade contractors’ activities by means of experience, knowledge and clarity of communication. This leads to successful construction projects that meet all the time, quality and cost criteria on target.

Bella Sky hotel


Dennis Brenøe

Dennis Brenøe

Head of Department, Construction Management
T: +45 5161 8659

To the owner, it is vital that construction projects proceed smoothly and according to plan when ground has been broken. As one of Scandinavia’s largest construction management providers, Ramboll can ensure seamless coordination between the various construction partners and thus turn preliminary ideas and drawings into finalized and functional buildings.

Clarity of communication and skilled navigation as guiding principles

The strongest asset in leading and influencing a construction process, for any successful construction manager, is the ability to communicate and navigate well. Ramboll’s specialists communicate clearly, accurately and continuously to the many parties affected by the construction management’s decisions. In addition, they undertake responsibility for communication on behalf of the owner, naturally, while fulfilling all the obligations that come with this responsibility.

Dealing with daily challenges on site

Ramboll’s construction managers handle the daily challenges that arise on a construction site with many trades and professions involved. This is done with a visible presence on the site as well as a wide range of trade, building, construction site and coordination meetings. Ramboll has, in addition, introduced a project coordinator for major construction projects. The project coordinator is part of the construction management, but exempted from the administrative part. This way, he or she can use 95% of his or her time on the construction site ensuring that the agreed work processes are respected, that appointed areas are accessible as well as handling coordination in relation to sudden, unexpected challenges. In short, the project coordinator must be the oil that keeps the machinery in motion. The permanent presence on site also sends out a positive signal to the builders as well as to other stakeholders. It has been shown by experience to nip many conflicts in the bud.

Costs of the different trades are continuously handled at finance meetings with reporting of progression, negotiation of demands, control of documentation, and – if necessary – future estimates.    

As construction managers Ramboll often assist in:

  • Managing cost, quality and time
  • Coordinating the works of the trade contractors
  • Conducting contract compliance reviews
  • Studying constructability and workflows
  • Ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety obligations

Follow the construction from the office

We are continuously optimizing our processes. Currently, we are using iPads with programs such as Projektweb, Byggeweb, Dalux og Ajour at the site. This secures the digital communication and the documentation of changes, technical inquiries, project notes, agreements and shortcomings. All while the owner can follow the entire process conveniently from his or her office.

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KARA/NOVEREN waste-to-energy facility in Roskilde, Denmark

Procurement of new waste-to-energy unit

ARGO is the first plant to receive the authorities’ approval since 2002 and is now establishing a new €175M waste-to-energy unit capable of meeting the capacity demands for thermal treatment of waste generated in its owner municipalities.

Bella Sky hotel

Bella Sky: The hotel which leans and twists

Leaning at a gravity-defying 15 degree angle, Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen’s Ørestad offers a sight never seen before: Two towers leaning in opposite directions at an angle almost four times that of the leaning tower of Pisa. The geometrical dare continues as the top nine floors of tower one and the bottom nine floors of tower two both twist an additional 19 degrees horizontally.

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