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Architects play a central role in the development of the built environment and are concerned with the creation of buildings that incorporate practical issues, aesthetic values and environmental responsibilities. 
Z-huset (the Z-house) in Aarhus, Denmark

Ramboll’s architectural approach

Ramboll's architects work in a creative, multidisciplinary environment that has a strong client focus. We have extensive experience in the total building process from initial ideas, analyses and programming, through design development and construction, right up to the handover and operation of the finished product.

By combining architectural vision with the expertise from our other services we provide truly holistic designs - helping our clients to determine and deliver their ambitions in a sustainable way - benefiting communities and the environment.

Ramboll's architectural expertise

We offer a full range of architectural services including:
We have extensive experience of design and development of all types of new and existing buildings in all major sectors, for example:

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Niels Bohr building
Feature article on architectural collaboration
Effective collaboration between architects and engineers can reduce critical errors, long delays and cost overruns throughout the building process. Read our feature article here.


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