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Taking waste-to-energy facilities to the next level

The face of waste-to-energy is changing. New engineering and architectural approaches to integrating or interacting with the surrounding environment are leading to a new generation of waste-to-energy facilities. These are based on creative designs and multi-functional purposes.

Adding a new dimension to the urban landscape, the modern waste-to-energy facility breaks with all known standards of functionality and design. It aims to enhance efficiency and peacefully co-exist or create an architectural dialogue with its neighbours.


Amager Bakke – towering industrial and multi-functional design

The new Amager Bakke waste-to-energy facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a dual purpose of CHP production and recreational area for the Copenhageners. It is a shining example of innovative architectural design paired with sustainability and energy efficiency: the facility will have a total net energy efficiency rate of 107 %, which is among the highest in the world for a waste-to-energy facility, and will supply low-carbon electricity to 550,000 citizens and heat to 140,000 households in the Copenhagen area. At the same time, the recreational use of the roof top of the facility, proposed to be a skiing slope, offers a new way of interacting with Copenhageners and visitors to the city. The final recreational use is yet to be decided, but one way or the other the use of the roof top will open to the general public, making the top of the “hill” one of the highest vantage points in Denmark. New apartments are also being built just next to the facility, which will be an integrated part of the urban setting.
Ramboll Energy provides consulting services on mechanical and electrical equipment for the new facility. It will stand out - not only by its groundbreaking appearance and multi-functional purpose, but also by contributing to Copenhagen's aspiration of becoming CO2 neutral by the year 2025, and to Denmark's aspiration of becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2050. The facility is to be commissioned in 2016.

Amagerforbrænding. Illustration: BIG

KARA/NOVEREN stands shoulder to shoulder with kings and queens

In the city of Roskilde, Denmark, the KARA/NOVEREN waste-to-energy facility recently added a new €175M waste-to-energy unit - The Energy Tower. The new unit is capable of meeting the capacity demands for thermal treatment of waste generated in its nine owner municipalities.

Designed by Dutch architect Erick van Egeraart, KARA/NOVEREN's novel architectural design plays against the surrounding area's industrial profile. Adding yet another dimension to the architectural experience, the facility forms an axis with the cathedral of Roskilde (Roskilde Domkirke). This cathedral has been the main burial site for Danish monarchs since the 15th century, and is clearly visible on the horizon with its significant spires that have been the city's hallmark since the 17th century.

Ramboll Energy was in charge of the procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment for the new unit which went into commercial operation in 2013. 

SITA Isle of Man – Viking sail or Brachiosaurus?

Sporting a grey metallic surface, the waste-to-energy facility SITA Isle of Man stands out on the island through a structure that evokes thoughts of Viking ships, dinosaurs - or science fiction.

KARA waste-to-energy facility

In operation since August 2004 (primary waste incinerator) and July 2005 (secondary waste incinerator), the facility processes 60,000 tonnes of domestic waste and commercial residual waste from the island. Further, it contributes 10 per cent of the island's electricity consumption.

The facility applies cutting edge technologies to maintain high environmental and operational standards. As an example, the capture of rainwater for use in the plant process and the recycling of all water used reduces the demand for mains water in the plant by 40 per cent.

Ramboll Energy was involved in all aspects of the build's phases, providing services ranging from early-phase planning to conceptual design and layout, tender documentation and evaluation, procurement management, contract negotiation and management, and supervision during construction and commissioning.

We currently manage the Department of Local Government and the Environment’s continued obligations under the 25-year operating period of the project agreement between SITA (Isle of Man) Ltd. and the Department.

Isle of Man Waste-to-energy plant

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Waste-to-energy services

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