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Responsible and Holistic

Our founders have from the very beginning instilled Ramboll’s strong ethical and human belief. The high ethical standards, responsibility towards society and thriving employees are still key elements in our approach to business.

High ethical standards, responsibility towards society and thriving employees are still key elements in our approach to business.

Taking a responsible and holistic approach

In Ramboll, we believe in taking a responsible and holistic approach to everything we do, and strive to promote sustainable development and good corporate citizenship. We believe in a business behaviour based on trust, integrity, transparency and professionalism. We do not participate in projects which are destructive or aggressive towards mankind.

Ramboll is a truly people-based organisation. We believe that the key to our success lies with the motivation, skills and commitment of our employees. We also believe that our value chain goes through thriving and loyal employees and customers, through responsibility and care for the community we are part of, to profitable and sustainable development for our company. This business logic forms the basis of the holistic philosophy of our company.

Code of conduct

To ensure the continuous observance of ethical behaviour, we have made ethical guidelines an integral part of our organisation. Our Code of Conduct states standards for ethical business behaviour to prevent corrupt or fraudulent practices. It establishes the general rules to be observed in order to meet our ethical standards for business behaviour.

UN Global Compact

Ramboll joined the UN Global Compact in January 2007. The UN Global Compact provides us with a platform for our commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CR). It also enables us to adopt an established and globally recognised policy framework for the development, implementation, and disclosure of environmental, social, and governance policies and practices.

Holistic Enterprise Model

Since 1991, we have formally implemented the holistic concept in our business and termed it "Ramboll Holistic Enterprise Model". Our Model was developed alongside the Excellence Model used by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), both models with mutual inspiration from each other. In this way, we have a framework which perfectly reflects the holistic philosophy, and serves as a guideline for leadership, development, operation and reporting within Ramboll.

Reporting on holistic indicators and Corporate Responsibility

Ramboll published its first Holistic Accounts in 1995 to give stakeholders a complete view of the company's many intangible results and value creation. Since then, holistic reporting has been an integrated part of our financial reporting.

Every year, we report on the progress we have made within Corporate Responsibility in a separate CR report which is published in connection with our Annual Report.


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