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Ramboll Foundation

The Ramboll Foundation is the main owner of the Ramboll Group A/S. The Foundation is the majority shareholder in the Ramboll Group and owns approx. 95% of the shares. The remainder are owned by Ramboll employees.

We empower the people within our organisation and believe in their inherent abilities, embrace their individual differences and enable them to work in multi-talented teams to produce inspired solutions

The Ramboll Foundation is a commercial foundation. The Foundation has a long-term ownership perspective, which in turn influences its strategic priorities.

According to the Ramboll Foundation trust deed, the purpose of the Foundation is, , to own and support the Ramboll Group A/S and to ensure the financial and commercial continuance and development of Ramboll Group A/S and its affiliated companies or associates.

The Ramboll Foundation is the majority shareholder in Ramboll Group and owns approx. 95% of the shares. The remaining approx. 5% is owned by Ramboll employees.

The Foundation also supports research, studies and education, in particular within science and engineering, with a view to directly or indirectly promoting the development, professional strength and job satisfaction of Foundation owned companies.

In addition, the Foundation aims to help current and former employees and their families in difficult situations.

The Foundation also supports charities and humanitarian aid.


More information

Foundation trust deed
Ramboll Foundation trust deed
Read the Ramboll foundation trust deed here (pdf 30 KB)
Ramboll Foundation Annual report 2013 (in Danish)
Ramboll Foundation annual report
Read the latest annual report from the Ramboll Foundation (in Danish, pdf 2 MB)


Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

Download the Corporate Responsibility Report as a pdf or read the online publication

Frontpage of annual report
Annual Report 2013
Download the Annual Report 2013 as a pdf or read the online publication


Camilla Behrens
Secretary to the Foundation Board
Phone+45 51616089