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Annual Report 2014

Inspiring global solutions: explore the results in our Annual Report and learn how we create sustainable solutions on a global scale for the benefit of people and nature. 

Financial performance

Ramboll's activity level was generally high in 2014. As a result, revenue grew by 8.0 percent measured in local currencies, with organic growth accounting for 3.0 percent. 

2,168 new colleagues joined the company in 2014, of which 2,097 joined through acquisitions. As per 1 January 2015, Ramboll has more than 12,300 employees.

Given the tough market conditions, the overall financial performance was acceptable. Looking at the individual business units, the performance has been mixed with solid performance in our Nordic business units, but poor results in some of our business units outside the Nordic region. As a result, our EBITA margin was 5.0 percent as in 2013.

As the acquisition of ENVIRON is with effect from 1 January 2015, ENVIRON is not included in the 2014 figures.

Operating profit before goodwill amortisation (EBITA) was DKK 413 million compared to DKK 390 million in 2013, giving an EBITA margin of 5.0%, which was on the same level as in 2013. The unchanged EBITA margin compared to 2013 was a result of improvements in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, New Markets and Energy, which was offset by declining margins in the UK, Norway and within Management Consulting and Oil & Gas. 

“Considering the tough market conditions, we have delivered an acceptable financial performance and made a big step in positioning ourselves for further growth. We are affected by oil prices quite significantly through our presence in Denmark, Norway and the Middle East, through our strong Oil & Gas business, and the negative impact of the price drop into the energy market,” says Ramboll’s CEO Jens-Peter Saul, and continues:
“The turmoil in Russia has deeply impacted our markets in Finland. Despite these obstacles, we have been able to keep on growing, without jeopardising the profitability of the company. In that light, the financial results demonstrate acceptable performance.”

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Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2014
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Corporate Responsibility Report 2014
Corporate Responsibility Report 2014
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The necessary balance

The vision of a fossil-free society is the guiding star of the green transition. Meanwhile, fossil fuels will remain a vital part of our energy mix in the coming decades. Striking the right balance is a matter of combining renewables with fossil fuels in smart and efficient ways. 

The necessary balance

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Some people thirst while others drown. Climate changes are increasing the imbalance of water resources, and fresh and clean water cannot be taken for granted. According to experts, we need efficient, integrated water management if water is to become more universally accessible.

The world is thirsty for integrated water management


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Michael Rosenvold
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