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Interim Report 2006

Interim Report 2006

Financial highlights

  • Operating profit increased 36% to DKK 124.9 million (92.1)
  • Profit before tax increased 37% to DKK 118.8 million (86.5)
  • Revenue increased 17% to DKK 2,040.4 million (1,750.4)
  • The increased revenue together with the rise in the operating profit is attributable to a continuously strong market situation and a high demand level.
  • As a consequence of this the number of employees has increased by 814.
  • Norway, Finland, Management and Denmark in particular have made great improvements in operating profit.
  • The actual half year result is comparable to that of the previous year concerning the number of production days. However, the actual result for second quarter 2006 compared to first quarter 2006 is strongly influenced by the distribution of floating holidays in the first half of 2006.
  • We expect that the high demand for our services will continue in third quarter.


Interim Report 2006
Interim Report 2006

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Interim Report 2006


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Flemming Bligaard Pedersen
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