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Annual Report 2003

Detail from Annual Report 2003

Financial highlights 2003

  • Operating profit (EBIT) rose to MDKK 108.8 (64.0).
  • Profit before tax (EBT) rose to MDKK 81.6 (80.4).
  • The rise in profit is mainly attributable to strong demand within oil and gas and to the positive contribution from the acquisition of Scandiaconsult.
  • Revenue increased by MDKK 1,145.4 to MDKK 2,641.4 (1,496.0). The increase is mainly explained by the acquisition of Scandiaconsult, which accounted for MDKK 1,015.3 of the year’s revenue growth.
  • Rambøll Gruppen A/S was established as owner of Rambøll, Hannemann & Højlund A/S on 16 December 2003.
  • The Group Board of Directors proposes a total dividend of MDKK 230.


Detail from the cover of Annual Report 2003
Annual Report 2003

Annual Report 2003


Flemming Bligaard Pedersen
Flemming Bligaard Pedersen
Chairman of the Ramboll Foundation
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